stupidstagramm asked: I completely agree with you on the You & I debate; the whole video was just "meh" in my opinion and the effect was shoddy and unprofessional looking. Like, they're the biggest band on the fucking planet, throw some money and a good team at them and make a fucking good video for Christ sake!


Yesssss. This video just shows how money driven the team behind 1D is. But I think the root of the problem is the director and the team behind it. Basically how they won’t put any effort in if they don’t get paid well. You can make a good video with a small budget.

Look at Ed Sheeran. All his videos are so artistically well done. His music video of Small Bump was perfect even though they had the single camera shot dominating the whole video. And the reason why is because it had concept. It had setting. Hell it even had some transitions which were done beautifully instead of the amateurish merging of the boys.

Don’t get me started on Ed Sheeran’s A TeamThat music video only cost £20 to make and I still cry about it.


I need kill la kill blogs tho. Gimme.


remember when u were like 11 and the only thing u wanted was a lava lamp

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